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Welcome To The ThaiGirlTia.Com Hosted Galleries

Here you can find all the hosted galleries you need to be a successful reseller with Verotel.

We will be adding new galleries regularly. Please tell us if you run-out and need more. If you would prefer to have zip photos of these galleries sent to you please e-mail us at

Step One:
Signup to ThaiGirlTia.Com's Verotel Reseller Program

Go to Verotel and sign on as a a reller. Click this button to make do that right now:

We offer pre-made hosted galleries for resellers. All you do is put your linking code into the end of the URL.

Step Two:
Link to ThaiGirlTia.Com Hosted Galleries

We offer pre-made hosted galleries for our resellers. When you send traffic to, and the surfer joins our website, you make 50% of
the sale! Verotel reads your reseller ID from the cookie when surfers join-up.

The links on each Hosted Gallery (with your two VEROTEL numbers included) point to an URL at VEROTEL, which sends the USER directly to the site, after setting a cookie on their system to identify the reseller correctly.

Each reseller must put their own two UNIQUE numbers at the end of the URL separated by a colon. ‘:’ (The first number is unique to you and the second number is your unique Verotel ID.

You can get these two numbers from your Verotel Control Center: My Setup, choose site banners, then View Banner HTML.

For example:

NOT like this:

Step Three:

All galleries have 12 to 14 photos and two short videos to go with pictures. (Use text if you wish.)