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code   name      
Always horny Aiko 18  dreams about cock and starts playing with
her pussy in the bathroom. Then her cock friend comes home and fucks her
hard.  See so hot HD sample. 
104 mb  8.21 mins
Still horny as ever, petite Aiko 18 sucks some cream on a finger and
then stands up to get some more of her favourite meat. 
96.2 mb  7.46 mins
Aiko 18's cock party continues. She squeals and moans as she gets a
stiff rod pushed in and out of her. 
 88.1 mb 7.05 mins
097   Aiko 18 wakes up on the bed and lifts up her pretty red dress for her
big fuck buddy. She's so petite and thinks it's fun to bounce up and down
on the cock.
95.9 mb  7.56 mins

Horny Tia loves anything hard and sticky in her mouth. Here she licks
the hard sweet and uses it to spread yogurt all over her hard, petite
87.7 mb 7.16 mins
Aiko 18 really shows off in the shower, spreading her legs and putting
sticky stuff all over her firm and skinny body. 
78.8 mb 6.15 mins
Aiko 18 loves to show off her new pink and white dress and she puts on
a strip show for her cock friend.  She makes him happy showing her firm
titties and pink tight pussy. 
59.4 mb   5.20 mins
Aiko 18 says goodnight and tries to get to sleep but spreads her legs
and gets her panties taken down for a fingering. 
78.3 mb  6.29 mins
Looking very pretty, Aiko 18 gets all excited and licks and socks cock
like it's a party.
67.7  5.34 mins
103   Aiko 18 says "I like your cock" over and over and gets rewarded with a
spray of sticky white cum all over her face and in her beautiful mouth.
95.7 mb  7.48

See free trailer of super petite Aiko 18 as she takes it doggie style and pushes back. She then gets sticky all over her face.
78.4 mb 6.38 mins     Live!


Aiko 18 squeals with the big meat pushed in her tight pussy. See
her High Definition Sample.
126.3 mb  10.36 mins     Live!

Aiko 18 has been naughty and she wants to be fucked hard.
115.7 mb 9.23 mins    Live!


Aiko 18 is very happy as she plays with her pussy before licking the cock pushed in her mouth.
54.0 mb  5.16 mins    Live!


Aiko 18 rides cock like only skinny Thai girls can.
85.4 mb  7.19 mins    Live!


Aiko 18 pulls down her new swimming costume and enjoy smearing sticky stuff over her petite titties.
114.8mb  9.15mins Live!


086   Aiko 18 spreads the sticky over her petite 18 year old body and her sweet pussy.  95.5 mb  7.58 mins    Live!



Aiko 18 shows off her new nighty and then goes to bed only to get fingered in her tight hole
138.9 mb  12.10 mins    Live!


Aiko 18 gets TWO sweet things in her mouth. See members' section to see what she sucks! 
59.9 mb  4.25 mins    Live!


Aiko 18 kneels to lick whatever appears in front of her.  See inside members' section.
46.3 mb  3.2 mins Live!


Aiko 18 gets cock all over her beautiful skin and in her mouth.  She seems to like it.
86.1 mb  7.16 mins    Live!

091   Aiko 18 pops into the bathroom only to find a cock popped in her mouth. It's a sweet, sweet sticky time all over her face. 75.2 mb  5.38 mins Live!


Aiko 18 licks anything that looks like a cock. She also shows off her new green dress.  See sample!
117.8 mb  9.01 mins    Live!


Aiko 18 has more icecream and cock all mixed up together.
106.8 mb 9.32 mins    Live!


040   Shiho goes crazy sucking and gets cock pushed in her petite mouth
57.5 mb  7.49 mins
041   Saya & Saori strip off and play with each other and then suck their cock friend
23.7 mb  4.53 mins
042   Shiho wants attention and smears  lotion all over her titties and she gets it with a stiff rod from behind
61.8 mb  8.51 mins
043   Small titty Mimi gets rammed in  her pussy and squeals with delight
113.8 mb  13.29 mins
044   Beginner Mimi with her big eyes licks today’s new cock friend to make him happy
49.8 mb  5.35 mins
045   Shiho gets a surprise of hard banana pushed in her pussy after she puts her nighty on  She says it’s ok
37.7 mb  5.14 mins
046   Zoe spreads her legs and she fingers her tight pussy with lotion. She likes rubbing her small titties
43.3 mb  7.02 mins
047   Zoe showers off the sticky and then licks the sweet meat like it’s a  lollipop - like all good girls should
72.2 mb  9.50 mins
048   Zoe puts the vibe in to see if she  likes the feeling. She finds out it’s  most fun with something hard and slippery pushed in her mouth at  the same time
33.5 mb  6.20 mins
049   Zoe finds her cock friend suddenly        on top of her and he pushes it in            her mouth. She learns to like it
54.2 mb  7.21 mins
050   Zoe lies on the bed to rest and finds her skirt lifted up and a cock inside her.  She pushes back to help get the job done
46.9 mb 6.30 mins
051   Zoe feels sleepy, and puts on her nighty. She shows off by pulling down her panties and she rubs her pussy too
26.5 mb  4.42 mins
052   Zoe tries to get to sleep, but has to lift her nighty to make her cock friend happy. He finishes and gets a sticky all over her face
70.9 mb  8.08 mins
053   Tia 1 puts her tounge out obediently
and pretends she likes the big wet
meat pushed in and out of her mouth
35.9 mb  5.16 mins
054   Tia 1 gets an out of control wild tool         in her tight twat and then gets a large
amount of sticky stuff on her face
42.4 mb  6.35 mins
055   Chie is so happy and smiling as she puts on clothes that show her small pointy titties.  She doesn’t  want to do nude but she does see through!
30 mb  4.04 mins
056   Still the prettiest, happest girl, Chie
shows off her new yellow panties and see through tops
23.6 mb  3.34 mins
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057   Ever obedient Saori bends over
when told, and lifts her skirt for more stiff cock between her lips. Saya sucks on her huge nipples.
2.3 mins 50 mb
41.3 mb  5.03 mins
058   Petite teen girlfrieds Saya & Saori         kiss and wash each others tight bodies
53.4 mb  7.24 mins
059   Saya and Saori want to show off who’s best at licking and sucking dick.
Saori then reluctanly gets the final
load of sticky all over her face
32.8 mb  4.57 mins
060   Saya & Saori love to kiss and share
lollipop just like they share their cock
friend.  Saori then lies back for the hardest lollipop of all
32.7 mb  5.01 mins
061   Without being asked, just before
going to bed, horny Saori bobs up
and down on her favourite sucker
34.3 mb 4.41 mins
062   Doing what she’s told, Saya wraps
her hands round the big meat in front
of her and licks it for a long time
35.7 mb 4.06 min
063   A little bit shy, but Saya still spreads
her legs and gets poked with a vibrator
35.0 mb 6.23 mins
064   Told to sit on the bed and be quiet, 
Saya lets her friend push his cock
 hard and deep in her mouth. She wants to keep her hat  to look pretty. 
35.5 mb 5.42 min
065   Time to have a bath before bed. But while she’s there Saya has to lick the stiff hard cock that follows her
42.7 mb 5.46 mins
066   Saya enjoys getting soapy in the bath
and she gets finger fucked and sucks
hard dick at the same time
33.9 mb  4.11 mins
067   Saya suddenly wakes up to to find
her dream of cock in her tight pussy
is coming true “Open up girlie”
49.6 mb 6.07 mins
068   Saya wants to make her friend          happy and licks the stiff banana
like it’s her best friend forever
49.9 mb 7.12 mins
069   “On your knees” Saya always obeys and is happy to get more cock in another hole
40.7 mb  8.00 mins
070   Saya is trying to watch TV but  finds her cock friend starts to push his meat in her mouth  She does what she’s told
21.7 mb  4.09 mins
071   Saya does some petite modelling before getting her final cock and a sticky treat for the evening
38 mb  5.29 mins
072   Saori rides the stiff member and  then she gets a full load of her favourite sticky on her face
52.3 mb 6.38 mins
073   Saori is learning to use her new vibe toy. She then switches to some real meat.
35.6 mb  6.20 mins
074   Saori says put it in my mouth. She loves blowing, sucking and licking Her favourite hobby.
34.8 mb  5 mins
075   Saori sucks lollipop and then gets
dick pushed in her mouth.  Suddenly It’s legs up and her cock friend is deep inside her. 
32.7 mb  5.09 mins
076   Ki bobs up and down and licks the stiff meat like it’s a cock party.  Her girlfriend Miki videos the action
32.7mb  4.40 min
077   Miki 18 licks Ki’s pussy and Ki has  a big smile.  Ki lays on the bed while cock gets pushed in and  out of her mouth. 
43.2  mb  6.0 mins
078   Miki 18 and Ki get soapy and play
small titty massage. Then they
finger each other’s pussies for the first time.
45.1 mb  6.07 mins
079   New girl Kimi fingers her pussy
and licks her dinner meat. She then
gets her daily dose of cock inside. She knows she’s a lucky girl 
73 mb  10.00 mins

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